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…Where every piece of glass is unique just like our customers. We’ve supplied so many people, near and far, since June of 2004; from Jimi Hendrix – Just kidding. From Snoop D, O, Double G – not kidding – to Slayer – again, no joke – to so many local celebrities, heroes and closet smokers. From the grandma who just wants to hit the bong before bed to help her sleep or to help manage the pain from her hip injury, to the collector who just has to have the latest and greatest piece out there, and we can’t forget the non-smokers who are here for the swag, the clothing, the hoodies and accessories. We’ve dabbled (and dabbed…)in a bit of everything alternative but there’s always been that constant for the smokers of the world. ¬†We’ve always carried the best of the best glass pieces, intricate or simple, the newest contraptions and the basic, OG of smoking – wood, stone, metal and paper. We will continue to make it our mission to help you find the best way to enhance your experiences.

We have the utmost appreciation for our loyal followers, so again a big thank you for your continued support and free advertising. Because, let’s face it… without you we would be nothing but a distant memory.

Zagas is locally owned and operated (by the coolest people our there), and provides you with all of your smoking culture products! Now located in a Redwood Square on the corner of 15th and Victoria. In this new space comes the same atmosphere, inviting and friendly with the most helpful, knowledgeable staff.

We offer a variety of products including but not limited to the most sought after glass and in demand smoking accessories not to mention the one-of-a-kind items from a variety of glass artists. At Zagas, we take pride in being everything a Head Shop should be and more!


**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the massive amount of products that Zaga’s carries, this website is and will be under construction for some time while we upload each and every item!
If you are unable to find something specific, kindly drop us an email, give us a call or come on down and we will be happy to help you out!
Thank you for your patience!



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Hand Pipes

A massive collection of handpipes, every shape and size and color.


Water Pipes

Modern & retro styles, pullouts, ashcatchers and accessories



A healthier way to smoke! Desktops, portables and more.



Roll it up in style with patterned and flavored rolling papers.



Oil rigs, Red Eye Tek, Extractors and Tools of the Trade


And More!

Brand clothing, home decor, scent sprays, ashtrays and more.


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