This Challenge cone is not on sale. We just think you should step up to the Challenge.



We always feel like it Christmas every time we get an order; we get to look at all of the new glass, accessories or prototypes every time we open a box. We love our store so much that we feel like a kid in a candy store every time we come into work. We want to pass that feeling onto you, so for the month of April you will get any pack of rollies you want on sale!!

Say WHHAAAATTTT?? Yep, that’s right! $2.25 for any flavoured papers you want, get them all! We don’t care! 2 smackaroos for plain rollies, but you and I both know they’re anything but plain. There are hemp, flax, hemp AND flax, horse blankets… errrr we mean Zig Zag Blue’s… , paper, rice, cellulose and a few others that we’ve forgotten due to our short term memory loss. Whatever suits your fancy, we’ve likely got them. If we don’t we will get them.

Here are your instructions:

  1. Make your way to Zaga’s
  2. Enter the store
  3. Shop your favourite rollies
  4. Purchase for a sweet, sweet discount
  5. Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up
  6. Rinse & Repeat

Happy 4.20!

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