It’s the final month of Summer but we aren’t going to get all mopey about that because it’s just one day closer to Legalization! This month it was decided to showcase our Blueberry and Cherry Flavours to those of you who just love summer and fresh fruit.

We have Blueberry Cyclones, Blueberry Dragonfly Papers, Skunk Blueberry, Juicy Jay Blueberry and even some Juicy Jay Blueberry that comes on a roll! We also have Bambu Cherry, Hightimes Cherry, Juicy Jay Very Cherry in both a roll of 1 1/4 length and Wildfire Cherries Jubilee. These are all available at the special paper of the month discounts. If you’re a matchy matchy kind of person, feel free to check out our cherry Glass Handpipes as well as some Blueberry incense and a matching burner!


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