Ahhhh February, the month of Love

Don’t forget to love yourself this month!

Treat yourself, and the ones you love dearly, to Chocolate covered Strawberry covered rolled cigarette.

Now, this may be a bit thick if you use 2 papers BUT if you were to use chocolate on one rolled cigarette and strawberry on the other and smoke them simultaneously it’s pretty much the same thing… right? 😉

Juicy Jay Strawberry & Milk Chocolate $2.00/pack

Bambu Strawberry & Chocolate $2.00/pack

Spanish Strawberry $2.50/pack

Hightimes Chocolate $2.00/pack

Dragonfly Strawberry $2.00/pack

WildFire Sunrise Strawberry $2.00/pack

Skunk Strawberry $2.00/pack

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