G Vape Pro

Come check out the new G Pro Herbal Vapes! We have not only the original but also the Floral, Snoop Dogg and the DGK. Prices are $130 and up.

the nation’s herb purists have a nicely priced, professional herb pen. Grenco Science’s G Pro Herbal Vaporizer delivers powerful puffs in a sophisticated form factor.

The slim, black device, has a smooth, grippy, covering. The G Pro also comes in floral print, or Snoop Dogg’s own blue and white print.

Users can set the G Pro to one of three temperatures by pressing and holding the vape’s button for a few seconds while it is on. We like blue for extra big clouds and thorough herb toasting. The G Pro’s long-lasting battery charges via USB in a couple hours, and automatically turns off after three minutes of inactivity.

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