November is the squishy centre of a fall/winter sandwich. September/October are the, “Pumpkin Spiced Everything” months, when cooler weather and autumn coloured leaves are welcomed and appreciated. December is Peppermint Everything month with a twist of marshmallow for good flavour, no pun intended; candy canes, roasting marshmallows in your fireplace on a cool winter’s night. Well, here we are in Nothingland November, when the skies turn a little more grey, the days and nights turn a little colder, the trees have lost all of their beautifulness and everything is basically dead/hibernating.

Well, to switch things up a bit, here’s a few rando papers to spice up your Flavourless November.

Blackberry Brandy, Skunkalicious, Blackberry Skunk, & Black Berrylicious, available at a Zaga’s near you. And if you’re not near them you can always call and place an order over the phone!

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