One of our favourite holiday’s is coming up – second to 4.20 of course – All Hallows Eve.

October is when the nights get darker and longer and the air is chilly. When autumn creeps into our lives as do the spooky ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

To keep with the dark theme of All Hallows Eve, we’ve chosen the following flavours for your indulgence this month

Juicy Jays, Blackberry Brandy $2.00/pack – $2.25/roll
Juicy Jays, Superfine Black Berrylicious $2.00/pack
Skunk, Blackberry $2.00/pack

The lighter side of Halloween is the dressing up, costumes and of course, the CANDY

Enjoy –

Juicy Jays, Liquorice for $2.00/pack

Just make sure that you save at least some of the sweets you buy for the kids trick or treating.


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