A line-up of what we carry instore

The inventory we have covers a broad spectrum from the traditional to the latest and greatest innovations from around the globe. We carry as much glass from new and emerging glass blowers, as we can find, as well as, established blowers. All of this at reasonable and competitive prices and with your right to privacy respected.

Zaga’s also has a huge selection of papers (somewhere around 280 different kinds), rock t-shirts, hoodies and even a small selection of Iron Fist clothing. We have everything from dread supplies to fabric posters, stash cans to bamboo curtains. Come in and check us out! Our goal is to make you happy each time you visit the store.



You won’t believe what we have in store!

Our large selection of handpipes includes glass, metal and novelty brands.  We carry stone and stealth handpipes and a variety of both wood and acrylic dugouts. Our “everything in between” category covers some weird and wonderful handpipes for the connoisseur or collector, the ones you don’t see everyday. All pipe purchases come with a metal screen. Should you require something more hardy for your pipe, then titanium is the right choice for you! The titanium screens cost a few extra dollars but will last much longer than regular screens. In addition to the metal and titanium filters, we carry glass screens which provide a smoother smoke while doing the same job!




U Build by Hoss, Gear & more! Which brand is best? YOU settle the score!

We have all sizes and styles! Transformers, acrylic, glass, ceramic and soft glass. Come in and see what new items we have in. We recieve new styles regularly! Here at Zaga’s, we have a variety of bowls including metal, glass and glass on glass. Bring your water pipe in and we will be happy to help you make sure your new one fits to avoid frustration. There is nothing worse than running home with the ‘perfect bowl’ to find out it doesn’t fit!




Want a change? Is smoke getting you down?

Come on in and check out the sweet vapes we have in store. Our staff will give you the pros and cons to everything we carry. You can spend a little or you can spend a lot. Even if you know nothing about them and want some honest feedback we will help you out in any way we can. We don’t have Volcanoes in the store but if you are interested in getting one we will phone around and get you the best price and bring it in for you.

Rolling Papers and Accessories

Rolling Papers and Accessories

So many flavours! How do you choose?

Never before has there been such a selection of rolling papers available. It is by far the number one way to smoke. Rolling papers or “Rollies”, as we like to call them, not only come in different sizes and flavours, they come in different weights and thicknesses. Even the paper itself is made from different materials. Choose from hemp, rice, flax or corn based. There are even transparent rollies made from plant cellulose. We have a huge selection of rolling papers; flavoured, printed and plain and all the accessories you need. Come in and experiment.

Necessities & Novelties

Necessities and Novelties

Everything under the sun and more….

Clips, Stashes, Pipe cases and Storage boxes. You name it, we have it in store. From sweet smelling incense, ashtrays, and miniature boxes to hemp twine, and clothes. Got a friend who likes to keep it au naturale and earthy? This is the place to shop for gifts, special keepsakes and just because.  Our selection is always changing from season to season as we sell off the old and bring in the new! So stop by often or browse our website.

Concentrates, Extractors and Tools

Necessities and Novelties

These helpful tools can make your down-time less stressful.

Zaga’s is proud to offer a large assortment of nails for all your concentrate needs. We carry everything from your standard glass nail to combo titanium domeless nails and everything in between. If you use concentrates we have a selection of  tools and accessories that every smoker is sure to need including dabbers, spatulas, scoops,  extractors, and much more!

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